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The Bridge in Between Two Halves

Born in California but living under two views of culture, there’s a wall that constantly confronts me with the question: Where Are You From? In response, I encourage people to engage in a space that’s not quite Chinese or not quite American, to think outside of first glances and hear stories within their original and updated book of recipes. Coming from a background of Cantonese parents, my childhood filled up with stories of my ancestors’ journey between China and America and their lessons engraved into them but, as I grew up, these stories got lost through translation. Over time my mind developed this interweaving conversation between language barriers and cultural differences which grounds a mixture of hyphens and uncertainty. Smudged, similar to pink pearl erasers leaving grey stains between writing, my work narrates and magnifies this world that I’ve called the “in between” to show the duality of living as a Chinese American. Ultimately, creating a voice through my works to shape the heart of my own language.

A Simpler Bio. Years Later

Hello and Welcome!

This is LaanMao (a.k.a. Lazy Cat in Cantonese)

Back when I watched Ghibli films as a child and to this day as I watch films or shows created by Studio Trigger and Studio Mappa, I've always been inspired to create illustrations that also told stories of a moment in time. Whether it's stories about my Asian American identity or illustrations that invoke nostalgic memories from old cartoon/anime, my illustrations hope to bring a relatable sense of warmth and comfort. In a way, I wish to share these works to as many communities I can throughout California and someday to other parts of the world.

Thank you for stopping by my portfolio and hope you enjoy my little crafts I make!

Links to my shop is on the top header and please follow my socials on which market/convention that I'll be located at next!

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